como un jefe
are you interested in writing or reading?

if you are, i suggest that you follow my professional blog. this is where i post my writings and ideas for novels i am working on. but at the same time, i have the privelge to be in one of the only five courses in the whole country of the united states taking a class on novel writing. i am also taking another course on professionalism and such, teaching me how to work toward my ultimate goal as an agent. 

if you are interested in having an editor for your work or merely, a set of eyes, please, head over to my blog (which i am working on setting up as we speak with my writings and such) and follow. i will post my email on the tumblr as well, and feel free to email me or just ask questions.  

i will be posting my notes from each of those courses on that blog. so, if you are interested on being taught novel writing by a novelist (her name is Cathy Day. she wrote Comeback Season (2008) and The Circus in Winter (2004). 

writers and readers are welcome! 

the tumblr page is:

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